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Team and Synergy
Professionals with more than 10 years of experience
Dedication and commitment
Full dedication in each ACTIVITY
We are backed by more than ten years of EXPERIENCE
Tourism Experience
Our qualified personnel in the tourism sector

UNIQA SPAIN In Uniqa Spain we are totally focused on the business strategy of our clients as well as their specific objectives for each event, therefore, our mission is to give our client and its brand as much visibility as possible, boost its brand, increase its sales, generate quality leads and generate a ROI during the event.We complement our services with communication and PR activities in order to reach B2B and B2C faster, and also achieve our client objectives more easily.


Composed by a multidisciplinary professional team with more than 15 years of experience in the PR and event sector, marketing and media. With more than 10 years of experience in different areas of HR and staff recruiting business, focused on the client’s business strategy and on obtaining their commercial, brand and marketing objectives.


Complete dedication to each and every client in each activity that we carry out, committing ourselves to carry out a successful event, with genuine interest in the objectives of your company. We train the personnel hired for each activity, event, fair, marketing campaign, task and sales force campaign, etc. to be more productive, to engage with potential clients, to try to achieve client’s goals and objectives, thus creating a greater ROI for your company.


Throughout our experience we have created an extensive network of B2B and B2C contacts from different industries, media and related companies, as well as segmented databases that we make available to our clients and companies who wish to hire communication services. We provide a wide range of communication services to carry out your business strategy, so that it is easier to reach your goals: increase sales, build trust, promote the brand, generate leads, etc.